Buzio Luciano was founded 40 years ago as simple goldsmith workshop.

With the passing of time the workshop expanded and – owing to a careful evaluation of social-economical developments – it became a dynamic company.

Just like 40 years ago – when a strong passion moved the three founders to create ambitious and suggestive jewels – the company preserves nowadays the same old aim:

to make those old emotions live again, even in the generations to come, so those who wears our jewels understands they are not a simple object but they represent the company’s character.

One of the cornerstones of Buzio Luciano was – and presently is – the tireless search of a polished design, which includes precious elements of everyday life, and which are necessary to satisfy the most diverse needs and tastes of each customer.

The aim of the company is simply described:

passion and care for details, as requested by yhe most demanding goldsmith tradition of Valenza. This is the simplest but most lasting inheritance for the next generations.